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If your looking for a perfect Valentines outfit?... We’ve got you covered!

Peek-a-boo Bustier Red


Shirley of Hollywood SoH-HL 96164Q (Plus Size) Red One Size


Ballerina 344 Hold Ups Nero (Black) / Red


Roza Rufina Chemise Black


Ballerina 700 Hold Ups Red


Long Robe Red

How do I know what size bra I am? I am not confident in measuring myself, how else can I do it?

Bra Measurements - I’m not confident in measuring myself, how else can I find out what size I am?

So, this is more of a manual method of working out your cup size. The basis of this, believe it or not, is your current bra! We will call this... Read More

Bra Measurements - How Do I Do it Myself?

How do I know what bra size I am? How do I measure myself correctly? My bras are no longer fitting and I don’t know why?! Am I wearing the right size bra?

Well, let’s face some facts things may have changed since you were last measured (if you were at all), you may have had children, you may have lost or gained weight, but also unfortunately as we age our bodies change and with that so does the body shape. So, whilst a good fitting bra can often be over looked, a bad fitting bra can be the difference between being in pain, an unsightly sag or perhaps an overspill in which you can add an extra 2 boobs on top of the ones you already have....

How to measure my bra size? Am I wearing the right size bra. How do I take bra measurements at Jojo’s Secret.